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I started in instructional design in my first job out of grad school. Hired as the graphic designer, my first project out-of-the-gate was to create a series of online courses for women’s health professionals. They said nothing about course design or andragogy in ‘Words & Images’

Since then, I’ve worked to grow my knowledge of learning theories, effective course design, teaching with technology, and authentic assessment strategies. After working as communications officer, digital designer, instructional media developer and technologist, I’m now certified in Instructional Design, and am no longer flying blind. Please take a look at a few of my recent projects:

Writing on Educational Technology:

+ The Digital_Divide (as I understand it)
+ Decrease Cognitive_Load in Online Courses
+ Collaborative Learning Space Design

Presentations & Faculty Development:

accessibility iconsCreating Accessible Course Materials: This workshop, and all others offered are based in a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework. Ensuring course materials are accessible to learners with documented disabilities is required by federal law (ADA 504 & 508), and it’s the right thing to do! This hands-on workshop shows educators how to implement WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards, create ADA compliant course materials, and update their existing materials; print and multimedia.

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Lunch, Learn, Link: This faculty share series offers a platform for sharing ideas and experiences; from the expected, to the challenging. It offers a faculty perspective on the tools and resources—a user perspective, rather than one through the lens of an instructional designer.

workshops_PD-03Effective Educational Video: Creating effective educational video need not be difficult. This hands-on workshop gives educators the tools to create engaging educational video for your students: from course introductions to walk-throughs and mini-lectures.

workshops_PD-04Understanding the Flipped Classroom: The flipped classroom seems to be the latest buzz in educational trends. Is this truly a new revolutionary approach or a revision of a technique used throughout the ages? This workshop gives educators an introduction to strategies and active learning options for flipping a single lesson, a unit, or an entire course.

workshops_PD-01.pngPowerful Presentations: A design and communications-based approach to presenting to groups. Participants learn to use tools (PowerPoint, Prezi, Sway) to enhance their message, rather than lull their audience to sleep.

Evaluation Resources:

Online Tool/Resource Checklist:  While it’s easy to get carried away with excitement the latest, shiny new online tool, we must objectively evaluate online tools that we may want to use or help our faculty to use. This allows us to spend less time in the testing phase, and helps to better identify tools to use. This Checklist gives a simple view of important criteria to help select online tools.

Open Educational Resources (OER) Rubric: Open Educational Resources are created for the purpose of supplying course materials for teaching and learning. This self-scoring rubric addresses these criteria that should be considered when selecting OERs.

Video Shorts: Faculty Technology Innovators

Faculty Testimonials (Digital Video, Camtasia Studio, Audacity)
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Graphic Design & Promotion:

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