Branding: Digital Signage

It’s been 6 months, and time to revisit our communications plan in the office of Academic Technology Services. We have been fighting an uphill battle (one with forward progress, at least) to grow our client base, and educate constituents about our proficiencies, resources, and services.

My brain has been racked for the past couple weeks, in anticipation of today’s team meeting: I’d be unveiling a new tagline and marketing materials that grow on the ones developed about half a year ago. Well, the reception was good.

Let’s Talk About Printing

I recently had the chance to be part of a campus-wide printing coup. The move to fully digital printing meant a chance to save paper, save toner, and hopefully a bit of time, too. In implementing the project and our communications strategy, it was important to anticipate the questions:

How does it work? Where do I learn this? What if it doesn’t work? Where can I go for help??? What’s it called? Why are we doing this? Will it inconvenience me…etc.