Faculty Development Clinics


I’ve recently developed and facilitated the 2-hour on-campus workshop, Effective Educational Video. And now have the perfect follow up for the fall semester. I’ve added weekly video production clinics to our calendar to give educators a chance to practice what they’ve learned (under the direction of multimedia professionals).

Effective Educational Video

2-Hour Workshop: Video has become an important part of higher education. It is integrated as part of traditional courses, serves as a cornerstone of many blended and fully online courses. Creating effective educational video does not need to be difficult. This hands-on workshop gives you the tools to create engaging educational video for your students: from course introductions to walk-throughs and mini-lectures.

This is an instructional and planning workshop, videos are not produced in the limited time. Instead, in this workshop we explore and experience a number of easy and practical multimedia tools compatible with our learning management system, view relevant examples, learn a suggested formula to outline, and develop an outline for course-specific content.

Video Production Clinic I

Your Course Introduction. This is where faculty can put planning into practice. Script, Practice, and Record a 3-5 minute course introduction video. Learn to edit and post to the learning management system (LMS). They get personalized support from beginning to end. By the way, the end is approximate 1 hour after the start. It’s an intensive hour that’s all about getting to the finished product.


Video Production Clinic II

Produce Your Educational Video This is a bit more intensive, as the educational video can range anywhere from 7-12 minutes. Faculty participants select their video topic and outline it before coming to the session. Under the direction of the Instructional Designer, they get to practice the presentation and record. As in the first clinic, they learn to edit and post the final product to the LMS.


The point of these sessions is to give our educators personalized support from our experienced media development team.












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